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Speed Dortmund SH-1, Lightweight Balaclava

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Lightweight balaclava Speed for under the helmet


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Our new special offer: lightweight balaclava Speed with high quality, heavy approximately 32 grams. Absorbs the moisture and thus protects the head and the helmet. Special seam at all edges.

The use of balaclava is really a mandatory accessory for all drivers, both for karts and cars. Motor sports are very intense and racers sweat profusely during the races. The balaclava helps protect their eyes from the sweat and giving them the necessary comfort to concentrate on the race itself. Any - even the smallest - inconvenience during race - both professional and amateur - will generally cost you a lot of time because of the disconcerting. The balaclava prevents all this!

The balaclava also absorbs the sweat and keeps your helmet dry. In this way it will preserve for more time. Professional helmets have removable washable pads, but not all helmets are made this way.

High-quality balaclava protect your neck as well. It must cover the front and the rear of your neck completely. Low quality balaclavas are very short and barely show under the helmet, not protecting the neck. 

Our lightweight Speed balaclavas are of exceptional quality and will remain comfortable over time. They will give you the necessary comfort to win!

The lightweight balaclava is available in one standard size and black color.

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No Homologation
95% Cotton /5% Elastane
32 g

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