How to Determine the Correct Size

Gloves Size

In order to determine the correct size for your gloves from the chosen model, you must measure the circumference of your hand around the knuckles, as shown on the picture to the right. Then you can map the correct size from the following table:

8 cm4
10 cm5
12 cm6
14 cm7
16 cm8
18 cm9
20 cm10
22 cm11
24 cm12
26 cm13

Suits Size

The sizes of the overalls/suits are divided into two - children's sizes are given in centimeters, to be determined by the child's height. Adult sizes use the standard scheme S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL, XXXXL. In adult sizes you should take into account not only the height but also weight. Please use the table below to determine exactly your size before ordering! If the height and weight fall in different sizes, you should choose the larger of them!

98-10398-103 cm
104-109104-109 cm
110-121110-121 cm
122-133122-133 cm
134-145134-145 cm
146-157146-157 cm
158-169158-169 cm
170-176170-176 cm
S167-172 cm54-65 kg
M173-178 cm66-77 kg
L179-184 cm78-89 kg
XL185-190 cm90-101 kg
XXL191-196 cm102-108 kg
XXXL197-202 cm109-115 kg
XXXXL202-207 cm115-125 kg