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CIK FIA Картнинг гащеризон Alpinestars KMX-9 V2 S

Alpinestars KMX-9 V2 S, детски картинг гащеризон

339 лв.
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Размери: 120-150


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Certified to CIK FIA homologation standards, the KMX-9 v2 S has been designed specifically for younger/smaller body types. Featuring an aggressive design and vibrant colorways for entry and intermediate level racers, the two-layer construction offers optimum levels of protection and lightness. This suit also has a 100 percent polyester toweling liner for driver comfort. Other driver-friendly design details include an angled front opening, stretch panels on the back, shoulders and waist for an optimized fit, and breathable mesh material on the crotch and underarms.


  •               Certified to CIK-FIA Level2 homologation standard. N 2013-1.
  •               Advanced two-layer construction assembly for optimized performance, improved breathability and weight saving.
  •               Engineered for durability, minimal material bunching and abrasion resistance, while the poly-toweling lining boasts moisture-wicking properties.
  •               Alpinestars asymmetric front opening design aids fitting.
  •               Knitted stretchable panels on back shoulder and lumbar area ensure minimal material resistance while driving.
  •               Tech mesh panels positioned on the underarms and seat area for optimized ventilation.
  •               Alpinestars Formula 1-derived design and technology shoulder epaulettes.
  •               Ergonomic collar with soft knitted lining for extended coverage and maximum comfort with safe closure system.
  •               Adjustable waist belt allows a tight personalized fit.
  •               Anatomical arm, leg and torso paneling is patterned to create the optimum position while driving.
  •               Knitted wrist and ankle cuffs provide a snug fit and help prevent unwanted movement of the suit.
  •               Two thigh pockets offer a convenient storage option for those times away from the driving seat.
  •               Premium YKK zipper with personalized zipper pullers, plus double slider for versatile and customizable fit.
  •               Comes in a wide range of aggressive new colorways.



Техническо описание

Level 2 CIK-FIA 2013/1

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Alpinestars KMX-9 V2 S, детски картинг гащеризон

Размери: 120-150

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